How to Escape The Magnetic Hamster Trap

Hammy the Hamster hadn’t moved for 3 days.

He just lay there, at the bottom of his cage. Not eating. Not drinking. Not working out on his little wheel. Nothing.

He was totally still. But, he was breathing. Ever so slightly.

His owner took him to the vet. And when she took him out of his cage, something weird happened.

Hammy leapt up off the vet’s table, and started running around like a wild thing. Leaving the vet as puzzled as Dr House himself.

So the vet asked – “Has anything happened to him lately?”

And so, the owner fessed up.

Turns out, Hammy had escaped last week, and scurried into the kitchen. They found him under the fridge.


The vet opened H’s mouth, and took out a tiny fridge magnet that was stuffed into his cheek.

Poor Hammy. He’d been pinned to the floor of his metal cage. A fate no hamster deserves.

Good news is, they gave him some pumpkin pie and he gobbled it all up. He’s now made a full recovery, and they expect him to live to the ripe old age of 2.

A furry little feel-good story for you there – but with a purpose.

See, that Magnetic Hamster Trap affects us all. Do one daft thing, and you can get stuck with a plight you didn’t see coming.

You can literally get pinned down, with no hope of escape.

And it takes an expert to do as the vet did – spot the problem, solve it and get you back on track.

If Hammy H had carried on wrestling with it alone, he wouldn’t have lasted long.

So – find your version of the vet. Someone who’s got the tweezers to set you free…

UK Copywriter James Daniel

James Daniel

You might not know who I am, but no doubt you've read my copy. If you've ever bought a hearing aid, a pizza oven, flat roof or vacuum cleaner. If you've hired a will writer, an IT guy or accountant. If you've been to events on marketing, acting or how to buy a business. There's every chance it started with a bit of my copy - a few simple, chatty, gently persuasive words. Ring any bells?

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