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Are you a feast ‘n’ famine business? Always frantic, but still only one job away from nothing to do?

Your staff might like the downtime…but for you as the owner, it’s not much fun!

You’re drowning in work one minute, never coming up for air. Slaving through weekends, and going mad through lack of sleep…

…Till suddenly, it all grinds to a screechy halt.

Thumbs get twiddled, or the outer office becomes an adult playground.

While in your office, panic sets in.

Cashflow crashes, bills turn red. And a large bloke called Clive barges in with a baseball bat and seizes your telly. Well, maybe not that bit.

But look, this happens to the best of us, every now and then. One job gets pulled, or another starts late, and you get stuck in limbo. Nasty.

Personally, I think your customers should get together, and sort this out. They should meet up once a year (like, go to Butlins or something)…get round a table, and agree who gets you when.

It’s a win-win.

You get to spread the work, and keep your sanity. And they get quality service. Plus, a shot at winning the Knobbly Knees Contest.

Everyone’s happy.

But, as sound as my plan is…it ain’t gonna happen. Cos your customers will carry on wanting you whenever they want you.

So what can you do?

Well, here’s a thought – create a LIMBO PAGE. A special bit of your website, reserved for those icky in-between times. Use it to run a limited offer, and promote the bejeezus out of it as soon as you see a sticky dry patch on the road ahead.

Then, when you’re back in full swing, take it offline – till next time.

It’s one of those “Well duh!” ideas, like not trimming your nostril hair with a circular saw. But so what? I’ll bet all 6 of my cat’s nipples that you’re not doing it now.

(Are you?)

Course not. So give it a whirl. Remember, your offer doesn’t have to mean money off. Add a bonus instead. Or sell it as a rare chance to grab you at short notice. (If you’re any good at what you do, that’s a big ol’ dangly carrot!)

I promise you, this works. BUT…you have to do it now. I don’t care if you’re busy. Do it anyway. Or hire someone else. Then it’s ready to flick on, as soon as you need it.

UK Copywriter James Daniel

James Daniel

You might not know who I am, but no doubt you've read my copy. If you've ever bought a hearing aid, a pizza oven, flat roof or vacuum cleaner. If you've hired a will writer, an IT guy or accountant. If you've been to events on marketing, acting or how to buy a business. There's every chance it started with a bit of my copy - a few simple, chatty, gently persuasive words. Ring any bells?

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